Maximize Your Lead Generation with Interesting Articles

How to improve your inbound marketing strategy with irresistible articles
Most companies today have Web sites that are not bringing in new business. Companies are not getting the full benefit of the Internet because they don’t understand how to generate leads with interesting articles that funnel prospective customers to their Web site. Because the Web sites lack provocative reasons for the visitors to take action, the sites just sit there like unread library books, if customers find the Web site at all.

Many sites of some of larger companies in their business sectors are loaded with information that never gets read. Why? For one thing, how do customers discover the company?

What differentiates one competitor from another? What points the visitor searching for answers to a particular Web site? How has the company helped others? What are others saying about the company? Where can they find out more about the company and its solutions to customer challenges?

What examples does the company offer? How recently was there a story about how a customer needed what the company specializes in? Does the information about the company appear neutral or does it sound like an advertisement? Is there something newsworthy that could benefit more customers if they knew about it, and where would they find this?

The problem most companies are unaware of is that people need much more than information—they need wisdom and knowledge so that they can make the best decisions. People want to know that their buying decisions are based on facts, testimonials, stories, and examples of what works best for their particular wants and needs.

Generating Web site traffic
When prospective customers search the Internet, they are looking for specific answers to problems or wants or needs. Imagine the level of interest that results from finding not just one but several or many news articles that link to a company’s blogs or Web pages.

Think of the surgeon that has many accolades displayed on the Internet versus the other surgeons that have little to none. Who would you rather trust your surgery to?

News articles can not only educate and inform, but draw more attention to Web sites. This can boost a site’s search ranking and improve search results positioning. This compounds the articles’ effectiveness over time. Continued article distribution generates more traffic and more interest in the business.

Evoking the feeling of customer confidence
More can be accomplished through article submissions and strategies that ultimately affect sales and increase the funnel of new leads. Synergistically, articles, blogs, white papers (etc.), all add to the perception of expertise and authority which supports all sales efforts.

By expanding the marketing base through interesting articles, cementing relationships is more easily accomplished before the sale is made.

Lower cost
The cost of an article writing and distribution campaign is much less than hiring a salesperson to prospect for new business. Businesses would be wise to determine the value going forward for every new customer that connected with the company due to something the customer read online.

Lead generation takes time. Several months are a short time to see results from article writing and distribution. The Internet spiders have a lot of information to crawl so it makes sense to get started right away. Interesting articles are gaining more popularity on the Internet. Once an article appears on the Internet, it is there for years.